【Consumption Voucher 2023/Consumption Voucher Enquiry/Eligible Consumption/PayMe/BoC Pay/Octopus/Alipay HK Alipay/WeChat Pay/Tap & Go】The first tranche of the consumption voucher of 3,000 yuan has been issued on 4 April, and the second tranche of 16,2 yuan will be distributed on 000 July. The Government announced today (7 June) the details of the "transfer", eligible members of the public can register for the "transfer" through the electronic registration platform on the consumption voucher website or the temporary service centre from 16 June to 29 June, while no formalities are required for "non-transfer".

Follow the six major payment tool platforms Caiye: enough competition

Last year, the distribution of government consumption vouchers through electronic payment tools ranged from four in Phase 4 including Octopus, AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK, Tap & Go, to BoC Pay and PayMe in Phase 29. However, no new electronic payment tools have been added this year. Financial Secretary Paul Chan said at a press conference today (6th) that the above six platforms have launched offers to attract users to join, believing that it is enough competition.

Eligible members of the public can register for "transfer" according to their spending habits from 6 June to 5 June, including the e-registration platform on the Consumption Voucher Website or the Temporary Service Centre. If you do not transfer, you do not need to go through any formalities.

▼April 4 The store "grabbed customers" on the first day of the new consumption coupon distribution▼


Set up 9 temporary service centers to assist in registration

The Government announced that the temporary service center is open from 6 to 5 June, Monday to Saturday from 27 am to 9 pm (except public holidays), including the following nine locations:

Unit 5, 34/F, 255/F, National Capital Plaza, 12 King's Road, North Point, Room 1202-750, 18
/F, Genesis Centre, 1834 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Room D, 1838/F, Ning Jin Centre, 7 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong,

Room 30-6, 9/F, Kada Global Centre, 906 Sha Tsui Road
Tsuen Wan. Leung King Estate, Tuen Mun, Leung King Community Centre
, Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long, Tin Ching Estate, Tin Ching Estate, Yuen Long, Room 907, 2/F, Sun Du Plaza, 23 An Yiu Street, Shek Mun,
Room of Kwong Fook Community Hall, Kwong Fook Estate, Tai Po

In addition, when registering for "transfer", members of the public should provide local mobile phone numbers with SMS function as far as possible to receive relevant notifications from the Government.

Members of the public can collect Octopus consumption vouchers through four channels. (Screenshot of webpage)

▼April 4 The store "grabbed customers" on the first day of the new consumption coupon distribution▼


▼April 4 Citizens take Octopus cards in the early morning to receive consumption coupons▼


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