Car washed away in Spain's terrible rain, watch video

The water may look light, but it is difficult to estimate the strength of water. In front of the power of water, the biggest mountains fall. In this recently viral video, due to heavy rains, a city in Spain was flooded and a good car was washed away like a match box. The owner of the car kept trying to drive the car in the rain, but due to the pressure of flowing water due to heavy rain, the car went out of his control and was swept away with water. The video has been viewed by more than four lakh people and the number of people watching it is increasing rapidly. It is being said that apart from this car, many vehicles have been washed away in this flood water.

Watch the video here:

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Precipitaciones más importantes
87.9 mm La Alcayna (en 1 hora)
87.4 mm La Espada
76 mm Los Valientes

???? Autor desconocido/a

— AMETSE (@MeteoSE) May 25, 2023

The car was swept away in the water.

This video has been posted on Twitter by a user named Ameste. It is being told that the video is from a low-lying area of Spain, where due to heavy rains, there was a flood-like situation in the city. In such a situation, a person tried to drive the car, but all his efforts failed in front of the water. In the video, you can see how the red colored car is being swept away with water. Someone made a video of the car flowing from the window of his house. It is being told that the car was washed away with several meters of water. However, its owner was able to manage it, it is not known, but the video is being seen and shared a lot.

This is how the water wreaked havoc

In the last few days, due to heavy rains in many areas including the capital Madrid in Spain, there was a flood-like situation, due to which life came to a complete halt. In many areas here, water collected above the waist and people were forced to remain imprisoned in homes. Basements were submerged, parks and streets were submerged in water and property was severely damaged.

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