It is a great honor for me to make this discovery, because my heart is in medicine. The fact that you have waited eight years in my imagination is unacceptable. As a doctor with 28 years of experience in the field of medicine and as Head of the Emergency Department at the most urgent hospital in Bulgaria - "Pirogov", for me this day is a holiday. This was stated by the Minister of Health Dr. Asen Medzhidiev during the opening of the 24-hour Emergency Care Branch in Sofia. Sarnitsa today. The official ceremony was also attended by the Mayor of Sarnitsa Municipality Nebi Bozov, the Regional Governor Trendafil Velichkov and others.

According to the Health Minister, the need to build such a center is urgent, not only because of the difficult geographical location of the region and the difficulty of getting to the nearest Emergency Medical Center, but also because of the fact that the city of Emergency Medical Services is not only possible. Sarnitsa is a resort center, which significantly increases the number of the population during the tourist seasons.

Minister Medzhidiev expressed his satisfaction with the fact that during the term of office of the caretaker government, Emergency Centers were opened in both Sozopol and Primorsko, which is the result of the consistent policy pursued in priority areas for him – maternal and child healthcare, as well as urgency in every part of the country. He promised to assist with the provision of staff from large hospitals in the country if necessary.

The Health Minister also commented on the arrival of the first helicopters that will carry out emergency air assistance, as well as the handing over of the first certificates to the 50 doctors and medical specialists who graduated in the course "Emergency Medical Care by Air" tomorrow, which, in his words, is a historic moment.

Sarnitsa will have a branch of Emergency Care

The Mayor of Sarnitsa Municipality Nebi Bozov thanked Dr. Mezhdiev for making the call of the locals for an Emergency Center his personal cause.

For every life saved in our municipality, you will contribute, because for eight years we fought for what we are witnessing today. For the guests and residents of Sarnitsa, this Emergency Center is a relief, the mayor said emotionally.

After cutting the ribbon of the new branch, the Minister and the mayor symbolically removed the working hours because the Municipality of Sarnitsa already has 24/7 emergency care.

At the end, Minister Medzhidiev and Mayor Nebi Bozov opened a new fountain – a symbol of the tradition of the Municipality of Sarnitsa. It is a donation from Dr. Mezhdiev and Nebi Bozov for the residents and guests of the city, wishing you health and prosperity.