Dangal girl Zaira Wasim opens up about wearing a niqab

New Delhi:

Actress Zaira Wasim, who worked in Aamir Khan's superhit film Dangal, recently surprised everyone by participating in a debate on the niqab. Let me tell you that after Dangal, Zaira Wasim did only one more film and after that she said goodbye to the industry in 2019. However, Zaira Wasim is very active on social media and keeps posting many social and religious things. The recent issue was of a woman eating food in a mask and Zaira has reacted strongly to this photo.

Just attended a wedding. Ate exactly like this. Purely my choice. Even when everyone around me kept nagging me that I take the niqab off. I didn't.

We don't do it for you. Deal with it. https://t.co/Gu9AXQka8v

— Zaira Wasim (@ZairaWasimmm) May 28, 2023

Recently, a user posted a picture of a woman eating food in a mask on Twitter, writing, 'Can this be a man's choice'. In response to this post, Zaira Wasim tweeted in support of the woman, writing, 'Recently I attended a wedding, ate exactly like this, it is completely my choice, although everyone around me was staring at me and trying to say that I should remove the niqab. But I didn't remove it. We don't do it for you."

This tweet of Dangal girl Zaira Wasim is becoming viral on social media. Let me tell you that when Zaira said goodbye to the film industry in 2019, she said that she has done this to follow the path of Islam. In such a situation, his tweet also tells a different story. Many types of comments are coming on this tweet of Zaira Wasim. In these comments, many people have praised his thinking, while many people are describing his thinking as negative. Let me tell you that a few years ago, Zaira Wasim also wrote a lot on the controversy of hijab in school college in Karnataka.