Personal life is no exception: the stars know about everything that awaits a person in this area.

Who will be lucky in love this week – from May 29 to June 4?

Gemini (22.05 – 21.06)

Gemini – though mostly those who have not yet arranged their personal lives – may well count on a romantic meeting with a person who can turn their lives upside down. But the stars warn them against dating on the street – it can be dangerous, but acquaintances of friends or relatives can be a suitable candidate for promising romantic relationships.

Leo (23.07 – 21.08)

Leos, no matter how much they are offended by a person close to them, should not burn all bridges behind them – they should leave at least one chance to maintain relationships. If you give your partner the opportunity to speak, the result of his words can be unpredictable: it is possible that the conversation will end not only in reconciliation, but also in a promising proposal – perhaps even a hand and heart.

Capricorn (22.12 – 20.01)

Capricorns can meet a person whom they later want to call their soul mate, thanks to chance, which you cannot call otherwise than happy. There is a high probability that, for example, she will mistake the number or send a letter to a very similar, but incorrect address. The main thing for the representatives of the sign is not to drop the challenge or not to throw the message into the trash, because then it turns out that fate gave a chance in vain.

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