Ramiz Mohammedov, a school principal who was seriously injured in a crash in Lancashire, died.

Ramiz Mohammedov was admitted to a private hospital in the Masallah region in critical condition, according to the EPA's southern bureau.

Despite the efforts of doctors, his life has not been saved.


15:45 p.m.

There was a traffic accident in Lancashire.

According to the EPA's southern bureau, the road traffic incident was recorded on the Hirkan - Tashkent - Bilaser Road in Lancashire.

A small Nissan Tida truck operated by Ramiz Mohammedov collided with a large bus carrying tourists.

As a result, the driver of the Nissan Tida and the passengers in the car—humble Tahir Zulfugarov in 1957 and humble Shakir Habibov in 1951—were taken to the Lancashire Regional Hospital with various body injuries. The driver has been placed in a rehabilitation unit because of his critical condition.

Ramiz Mohammedov is the principal of a two-month school in Liman, Lancashire. Shakir Habibov is a teacher of the LDU's mathematics department. Tahir Zulfugarov, on the other hand, works in administrative work at the LDU.

No passengers on the tourist bus were injured.

An investigation is under way into the facts.