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The reasons for the death of the mother in Russia may be many. I can't speak in advance. They reacted immediately. I informed myself about the messages. I don't want to comment on private messages.

This was stated in the show "Why, Mr. Minister" on BTV caretaker Minister of Health Dr. Asen MedzhidievDr. Asen Medzhidiev was born in 1968. We recall that a 29-year-old woman died after a cesarean section in Ruse on May 23. The operation was normal, but in the morning the mother's condition deteriorated sharply. The next day, the mother died. "Medical supervision checks how medical standards are adhered to and how medical activity has been carried out. This is the authorized body. This is a terrible tragedy. I know what it is like for my colleagues, I know what it is for the relatives. I hope by the end of the week we will have a result," the minister explained. "By standards, every person who is operated remains 24 hours to monitor. A medical team is watching him around the clock. Is this respected – we are waiting for the results of the inspection," he added.

The sister of the deceased mother in Ruse showed a new chat

Children's Hospital

"The terrain we chose and signed PUB is the most suitable. The terrain has 12 acres of natural park. The terrain is 20 minutes from Serdica. The place is communicative and with good access - there is a separate entrance for patients, separate for ambulances. A hotel will be built, there will be a rehabilitation center," he said. "We want to make a modern hospital, not another hospital in Sofia," Medzhidiev added. The hospital is an object of national importance with priority funding. Within two and a half years the hospital should be built, said the caretaker Minister of Health.

The National Children's Hospital now has urban status.

Patients' rights and the health budget

Many people who needed medication for diabetes or asthma did not have access to the medication. "There are no antibiotics in Europe. In Bulgaria we managed to provide quantities. We will have a delivery of 27 thousand. Pulmicor packaging. Delivery of Ozempik is also forthcoming," Medzhidiev said. "We are sure even if an extension of the state budget is signed. We have provided financial resources to increase children's paths. The state has provided patients with funds for treatment. If the National Assembly votes on the NHIF budget, there will be more money for children."

"The funding of clinical pathways is provided through the NHIF and the control is from there, not by the Ministry of Health. In cardiac clinics come people with severe condition. When a doctor operates on such a person, the doctor remains for observation. He may have to operate on him again in the coming days. Under the LDC, the doctor cannot perform surgery on the same pathway. As a doctor, I operated on a child four times in four days. The doctor wants the patient to be healthy. There is an inspection of the NHIF, which found a violation. The hospital then appealed, with the court saying there was no violation. I can be very smiling and sympathetic, but I do not want to say how many inspections of hospitals have been made even for small cases, "said Minister Medzhidiev.

Asen Medzhidiev

Deceased mother