Karisma Kapoor with ex-husband Sanjay Dutt

New Delhi:

48-year-old Karisma Kapoor is still known for her beauty. At the same time, fans start giving reactions as soon as their video comes out. But recently, social media users have been divided into two after seeing the actress with ex-husband Sanjay Kapoor in the video shared by the paparazzi. While some people are seen supporting the actress, some people are seen trolling her. Let's show you the reaction of users ...

In the video shared by the paparazzi, Karisma Kapoor was spotted leaving a restaurant in Mumbai last night. During this, she looked very beautiful in a long floral dress. However, the photographers noticed the actress' ex-husband Sanjay Kapoor, who was seen on a dinner outing with her. During this time both had a smile on their faces.

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As soon as the video was shared, there was a war between social media users and the support and trolls about meeting the actress's ex-husband. One user wrote, "How beautiful is Karisma's dress. Another user wrote, "Mutual understanding is necessary even after divorce to raise children. Because what is the fault of innocent children in the quarrel of 2 people? The third user wrote, "She is very cute. The fourth user wrote, "Dude they are doing all this for their children, which is a clear and mature thing.

Apart from this, while trolling the actress, a user wrote, "There is a very good trend, get married, make a husband, divorce two and become friends." Nonsense. There is a debate among such fans about supporting and trolling.

Significantly, in 2003, actress Karisma Kapoor married industrialist Sanjay Kapoor. They have two children there. However, in 2014, both of them decided to get divorced. At the same time, both Karisma Kapoor and Sanjay Kapoor have moved forward in their lives.

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