"The novel 'Time Refuge' is dedicated to my mother and father, who continue to weed the crowned strawberry fields of childhood," said the writer Georgi Gospodinov in the show "120 Minutes".

According to the first Bulgarian writer to win the prestigious Booker Literary Prize, the book has already run out, but on Tuesday it will be available again, and on Wednesday he will sign autographs at the Book Fair.

"Today I'm coming back from London, the book ended there," Gospodinov said.

"I was very happy to be on the long list. This award is such that the nominations are a great success, after that I was not very excited. It was important to me that I got there. I was calm until we met the other contenders. You could see that everyone had swallowed their tongue. When they announced the award, there were shouts from all over the room," he recalls.

In Gospodinov's words, when they said his name, he turned to the translator of the Booker-winning work, Angela Rodel, and they said to themselves: "Is it true, we heard well?"

"Then I talked to the people on the jury, they said that from the long list onwards, this book was a personal choice for each of them," Gospodinov said.

"The past has no expiration date. The personal past is irreversible, but the political past is irreversible," he said.

"A novel is something you can't scroll through. The book is a slow media, but it gives long messages," Gospodinov said.

"I imagine the old age like this: a little house and I will watch bees. "I can hear the voices of people and friends," he said.

Georgi Gospodinov is the first Bulgarian writer to win one of the most prestigious literary awards - Booker. His novel "Refuge Time" was honored as a winner at a glamorous ceremony in London, leaving behind 164 competitors.

The novel "Refuge Time" by the writer Georgi Gospodinov won this year's international Booker Award

Georgi Gospodinov was born in Yambol in 1968. His first collection of poems - "Lapidarium" - launched his literary career. With it he won his first National Debut Award "Southern Spring". His first experience in prose - "Natural Novel" - also became a literary sensation: he is the most translated Bulgarian work since 1989.