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I provoked Valeria a lot through the show and didn't spare her anything. The environment is artificially created. I had to touch on what was closest to her heart and see what her reaction would be. Have a stress test. I hope it's her. I made my choice.

This was commented in the show "120 minutes" on BTV Evgeni Genchev. "Because of all the hiding, after recording the show, our communication and interaction was in a demo version. Now I hope to build on the foundation laid all these months. The emotion is there, the desire is there – it's up to the two of us," he added.

"Going into The Bachelorette, my parents told me — go ahead. And they hope for grandchildren, so they can't help but support," the pianist explained. "The choice was difficult in the end. Both Elena and Valeria express the qualities I look for in my better half. Then you have to raise your hands and let go of the heart and inner feeling. That prevailed," Genchev said.

Meeting with parents

"I saw the result as a spectator. She felt with a mother's instinct that this was my choice. There was some jealousy and shyness, which did not help the conversation. They felt that incubator we were in during those months. In the natural environment, there was minimal interaction. I took her directly. They agreed a lot and liked each other. The wonderful thing is that Valeria did not change, did not betray the principles and was without any compromises. He defended what is, "said Evgeni Genchev.

"My parents were a huge support. My father was trying to sow this grain of wisdom. My father wanted to be an actor. After three months, they married and returned to the village to breeders. Then we go back to town. He began to work in construction. He was trying to convey the lessons he had experienced," the musician commented.

The bachelor Evgeni has no money for the wedding with Valeria

"For all of us, consciousness builds up over time. In my high school years, I thought I was quite busy because I had training, lessons, trips, festivals, concerts. To catch up, I slept for an hour. The next stage is coming, where it is busier and has more responsibility. If there is no preparation and upgrade, even if the most beautiful thing happens to you, if you are not ready – it may be a curse for you," he said.

And after the end of "The Bachelor" the virtuoso presents his solo musical performance at the Ancient Theater in Plovdiv on June 3, in Varna on June 10, and in Burgas on June 16.

The Bachelor

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