Instagram star Corrie Yee got into the lenses of the paparazzi on the streets of Los Angeles. The girl chose a seductive image for her exit, so it was simply impossible not to notice her.

Corrie wore a miniature strapless red dress that perfectly accentuated her slim figure and beautiful legs. And the outfit focused on Yee's lush and sexy neckline, which everyone paid attention to.

Corrie Yee / Photo: Getty Images

The girl complemented the outfit with beige stiletto shoes and a white handbag with a chain. Corrie let her hair down, did her makeup with lush false eyelashes, and decorated her ears with ring earrings.

Recall, the paparazzi dropped by radio host Amanda Golden on the way to work. She was wearing a knitted hem dress with a white border, a spicy neckline and a slit on the side through which her nipples were visible.

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