Alina Baikova appeared on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival in a patriotic yellow oversize T-shirt with a blue inscription-message to the Kremlin dictator – F*ck you Putin. Thus, the model decided to remind the whole world that there is a war in Ukraine and Russians are killing Ukrainians every day.

Alina Baikova / Photo: Associated Press

But the demonstration of the anti-putation inscription was prevented by the guards of the event, who immediately surrounded Alina, began to cover her and asked her to put on and fasten the trench coat so that the T-shirt could not be seen.

Alina Baikova / Photo: Associated Press

Alina Baikova / Photo: Associated Press

Baikova obeyed them, fastened the trench coat and, as soon as she stepped away from the guards, she split it again and once again showed off the inscription on the T-shirt.

Alina Baikova / Photo: Associated Press

After that, security asked the model to leave the event and arrested her.

Alina Baikova / Photo: Associated Press

Cannes security blocks a protester wearing a dress in the colors of the Ukrainian flag reading "F--- You Putin" on the red carpet.

— Variety (@Variety) May 26, 2023

On her Instagram page, Alina commented on this situation. The model is outraged that the organizers of the film festival do not want to interfere in politics.

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"Here is proof of "real support" for Ukraine! I was arrested and asked to leave the red carpet because the festival doesn't want to be involved in politics (at least they would have allowed me to stay if I hadn't unzipped the trench coat). Yes, I and all my people also want to continue living our good lives. But we can't! Our lives were taken from us. My people are being killed every day by Russians! The Russians completely erased Bakhmut from the ground. From whom and why were they fired? What's going on? And why should we suffer so much?

Don't you think that we, Ukrainians, are as tired of this war as you are tired of hearing about it? And I will answer the most frequently asked question: why do wars in other countries not receive such publicity? Because we shout about it when we have the opportunity! And our president talks about war every day of God, so people don't forget that it's still happening and it has to end! And the Russians must leave our land and give us peace! Accept the fact that we are a free and democratic country, we do not want to be under their control! We will not stop until they give us rest! Special thanks for protecting my bodyguard Bernard," Baikova wrote in a post.

Alina Baikova / Photo: Associated Press

Recall that Alina Baikova at a party in honor of the opening of Fashion Week in New York appeared in a knitted oversized yellow sweater dress, on which was a blue inscription F*ck you Putin.

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