Seven pounds [7 kg] of drugs have been detected from the truck stored in Masallah.

According to the EPA's southern branch office of Jehovah's Witnesses in Lancashire, a resident of Galilee, Fəzalat Aliyeva, was stored in a car branded "Vaz 2106" as a result of operations by colleagues of the Masallah Regional Police Department in the district of Arkivan.

A review of the truck's cargo site by police colleagues uncovered a total of 2 kilograms (400 grams) of heroin and 4 kilograms (500 grams) of marijuana. The first investigation determined that F.Aliyev obtained the drug from an Iranian citizen who was investigating the identity and had to take it to Baku and deliver it to the areas where it would be said. The court ruled that F. Aliyev had been sentenced to prison.

The necessary investigations into the facts are ongoing.