Britain's great historical, architectural, and cultural center, as well as the Rafael Gallery of the Victoria and Albert Museum, one of the world's most prestigious museums, hosted an event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of General Leader Heydər Əliyev.

The EPA reports that during a visit to Britain in 1998, General Leader Heydər Əliyev attended and gave a concert at the venue where the event was organized. The World Leader emphasized the importance of introducing Azerbaijani music and art in this historic hall. On May 25, heydər əliyev's 100th anniversary was marked by another milestone.

At an event supported by the Heydər Əliyev Foundation, British Prime Minister Baroness Emma Nicholson, Assistant President of Azerbaijan, Executive Director of the Heydər Əliyev Foundation, Deputies of the House of Commons of the British Parliament, Lords, Chairman of the Working Group on Azerbaijan-British Parliamentary Relations, members of the accredited diplomatic corps in this country, representatives of the private sector, prominent public officials, members of the Azerbaijani community in Britain.

The event featured an exhibition and concert program dedicated to the life and work of General Leader Heydər Əliyev. The exhibition featured photographs and information about the life and political activities of the Great Teacher, the main events of Azerbaijan's history, and the bilateral relationship between Azerbaijan and Britain.

Azerbaijan's ambassador to Britain, Elin Solomonov, spoke about the exclusive service of General Leader Heydər Əliyev in strengthening Azerbaijan's position in the world and expanding intergovernmental relations.

Baroness Emma Nicholson, the British Prime Minister's Azerbaijani trade envoy, called Heydər Əliyev the founder and cause of modern Azerbaijan's prosperity.

The performance that evening was an adaptation of the science fiction novel The War of the Worlds.