The Ministry of Emergency Affairs (FHN) hotline "112" reported on the need for rescue assistance in connection with a traffic accident in Ghana.

The EPA reports that rescue forces at the FHN's Ghana Regional Center have been drawn into the call over the information.

While operating conditions were evaluated, it was determined that two miniature Toyota and Khazar vehicles collided and that 2 person was trapped in a minivan.

As a result of life-threatening measures, 1 person's body was discharged from the vehicle.



A photo has been added to the news.



As a young man, there was a fatal traffic accident.

According to the EPA's local bureau, the incident was recorded about a mile [1 km] from Shamkir Road in Ghana. A minivan branded "Prado" and "Khazar" collided. One person died in the accident. Police colleagues were drawn to the scene. An investigation is under way into the facts.