In accordance with the requirements of the Children's Administrative Dispensation Act of the Republic of Azerbaijan, inspections are carried out at health-care facilities that provide ambulance-clinical assistance under the direction of the Association of Medical Regions.

This was reported in response to an EPA survey from the ECB. It has been noted that the examinations are carried out in accordance with the screening schedule and field principle laid down by these agencies in accordance with the volume and quality standards of health care that must be provided to children who will be dispensed:

"Their parents and other legal representatives are responsible for bringing children who will undergo executive dispensation to a medical facility at the doctor's request and for complying with the instructions of healthcare providers in relation to dispensation," he said.

"Failure to comply with the rules by parents who bring their children to the examination poses a problem with children being examined by the appointment system, demanding that all checks be carried out in a short time. The medical facility has been given appropriate tasks to take additional measures to regulate the queue system," the response said.

It is noteworthy that on social media, schoolchildren have been sent to clinics for medical examinations and that there has been a huge queue for this time.