Little girl feeds deer with love, then bows her head and does something like this

Videos that feature children as well as animals are always worth watching. It doesn't matter how long the videos are because even in 10 seconds, the content can force anyone to say 'aww'. Just like this little video of a little girl feeding deer (Deer).

The video, shared by The Figen on Twitter, shows the little boy bowing respectfully in front of a magnificent deer with horns. The deer also mimics the girl and bends. The girl then proceeds to feed the animal and bows down again as a thank you.

The caption of the video reads, "Two innocents know each other's language!"

Watch the video:

Two innocents know each other's language! πŸ’“πŸ’•

β€” Figen (@TheFigen_) May 23, 2023

The video has been viewed over 981K times and received a lot of reactions. People could not stop themselves from seeing this adorable couple. Many people wrote that the internet is still a better place because of such videos. Others commented on how respectful the girl was towards wildlife. One Twitter user wrote: "Two dear friends. Another commented, "What beautiful tenderness and innocence."

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