The "Friend of the School" project, organized by the Ministry of Emergency Affairs, Science, and Education, was organized by the Ministry of Emergency Affairs, Science, and Education.

The EPA reports that the event was attended by Rustam Agaveh, Deputy Minister of Science and Education, Mehriban Veliyeva, Director of Baku City Education Administration, Mahbubah Mustafayeva, Deputy Chief Communications Officer of the FHN, and Samir Rzali, head of the Promotion Department for Public Education.

The objective of the TRAINING, which attracted the FHN's relevant live force and technique, was to instill in the school's collection emergencies, including the rules of conduct in the event of a fire.

It is made up of a theory and a practical part.

FHN partners have provided training participants with detailed information about emergencies, including the necessary behavior in the fire, and the emergency measures.

Then came the practical part of the training. After the condition was given a nervous signal during the fire, FHN firefighters have begun fighting the fire by reaching the scene in an operational manner. In accordance with the emergency plan at the school where the fire broke out, students and teachers were evacuated to safety and were given first aid to schoolchildren who were injured.

Schools have been enthusiastic about training and have taken real actions on code of conduct in emergencies.

It has been noted that the series of events is regularly organized by the Ministry of Emergency Affairs under the "Friend of the School" project.