Four other people who were treated in hospital for poisoning at a rural high school in Gudula, Shakespeare, have also been released home.

The EPA reports that they are in good condition.

And by midday, 23 people had been released home for an ambulance examination.

And 23 people whose conditions have been saved have been released home for ambulance treatment after receiving medical care, according to a report from the EPA from the EPA.

Recall that 24 high school students and 3 teachers were poisoned in Shakespeare today.

All the students and staff affected in the incident were rushed to Shakespeare City Central Hospital.

According to a second study, the poisoning was caused by a disinfectant carried out at the school on May 19. On May 23, high temperatures are thought to have caused poisoning by evaporated disinfectants scattered on the top floor of the school's administrative building.

The relevant agencies are investigating the incident.