The Shakespeare-Zagatala regional education administration has released a statement about the poisoning at Shakespeare's Goodila village high school.

The EPA reports that the disclosure says poisoning cases have been recorded at the Shakespeare District Gudula village high school. All the students and staff affected in the incident were rushed to Shakespeare City Central Hospital. In this regard, prominent colleagues from the Shakespeare Regional Education Authority have visited children at the hospital and are continuously observing the process: "Those who have been concerned are already told that their health is normal and that they will be released home soon. The first study found that the poisoning was caused by a disinfectant carried out at the school on May 19, 2023. As a result, on May 23, high temperatures in the school's administrative building are thought to have caused poisoning by evaporated disinfectants scattered on the top floor of the school's administrative building.

Additional information about the incident will be provided."



In the picture, 24 high school students and 3 teachers were poisoned.

The EPA, from the Shakespeare regional group of the Interior Ministry's press service, has been informed by the Shakespeare City District Police Department that 24 pupils and 3 teachers from Gudula village high school in Shakespeare have been admitted to the hospital with a poisoning diagnosis this afternoon.

An investigation into the facts has begun and the causes of the incident will be known after an investigation.

It has been noted that hospital applicants have been given the necessary medical care and their condition is normal.