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Pianist Evgeni Genchev and his chosen Valeria - winner of the second edition of "The Bachelor", are still together after the finale of the show, which was filmed months earlier, but was broadcast on Thursday evening on BTV. The winner will also be at his concert on June 3 in his hometown of Plovdiv, when he will present his solo musical performance "My Music. My world. myself." Evgeni Genchev told the selected Valeria that he cares about his career, writes Years have passed.

Evgeni's dedication to music prevents him from having started a family so far and having children of his own. At the end of the show, he asked an alarming question to his heart's favorite on the issue of priorities - career or personal life: "What if I have a concert in Brazil tomorrow?" ...

He made a second dart, this one in relation to the activities his beloved: "If I am not there, and the child needs a doctor, the dog also - what comes and how?" The bachelor has in mind not only the lady's pet, but also her occupation - she is the creator of a shelter for dogs in her native Pleven. Viewers were left with the impression that both are not ready for parents, but too much care about their careers.

But in the final show, Genchev's mother clearly showed why her son is still single. Svetla didn't like it when she heard that the 24-year-old lady is vegan and has a dog shelter.

They revealed what happens to Valeria and Evgeni after the

final"What would you say about our common coexistence?", "And a little Svetla?" (hint to name a future granddaughter after her - editor's note), "And how do you see the holiday with me?", "My other son complies with us and at least once calls me and his father separately", "How would you accept that you will be in the background for Evgeni, and in the first place it will be me?", said question after question Svetla. Almost no woman would tolerate such a mother-in-law, who treats her 34-year-old son as if he were an infant, viewers commented.

"My mother didn't approve of a single girl I was with," Evgeni admitted. The wonderful pianist obviously chooses women according to the mother's criterion he is gossiped about by TV seers. Maybe that's why he compared his falling in love with Valeria to "big trouble." She worked as a model mainly in Japan where she went at the age of 18. She has been on the covers of some of Asia's most famous fashion magazines. What grabbed her in Evgeni on a first date are his eyes.

Among the many girls in "The Bachelor" in the end remained 5: Elena, Valeria. Michaela, Irina and Polly, but just a step away from the final, the last three were dropped, with the editor Elena and the model Valeria, with whom he already lives on a family basis, fought for Evgeni's heart.