The moon is in Taurus until 21:49 on May 19

This period can be defined as the time when the influx of vitality is felt, when natural endurance, prudence, prudence, perseverance and patience are manifested. This is a great time to address practical issues. It is good to postpone cases that require quick reactions, quick decisions and wits for another time.

Material interests and preferences come to the fore. Shopping is good for the psyche. The lunar influence makes people more stubborn and pushy. It is good to meet close and loved ones. Avoid drinking cold drinks as well as shouting. Vulnerable are the throat, nose, ears, neck, larynx, trachea, thyroid gland.

The Moon idles from 20:52 p.m. to 21:49 p.m., then passes into Gemini.

A Critical and Controversial Day

Lunar calendar: 29 lunar day from 05:38h to 18:53h on 19th May

One of the hardest days of the month. The lunar calendar defines it as satanic. On this day, the dark Ones are activating at the astral level. You should not start anything new, and even better not plan anything and not make important decisions. In general, try to deal only with the most necessary. Be careful, do not succumb to illusions, deceptions and fears. Avoid travel because there is a possibility of accidents and unforeseen dangers. Don't make big purchases. By investing money, you risk everything to go to waste. Purchased items will prove useless and unnecessary. On this day, do not concern yourself with anything other than habitual and necessary household and life goals.

Avoid mass activities.

It is recommended to cleanse the physical body and slags. The house is cleansed with fire (going around with a candle), incense.

Avoid dark places. Do not carry horn and bone products in you. Avoid meat. The diseases that began on this lunar day are some of the most frightening.

Relationships are tense. Avoid clarifications of relations, entering into disputes and conflicts.

It is best for everyone in the family to engage in useful affairs and strive for solitude. Strive for good deeds. With the rising generation, be careful not to irritate them, as they are now very labile. It's hard to control them. Problems can also occur with older people.

In addition to the need to refrain from negative emotions, it is good to forgive all insults, do not take anything inward. Sex is not recommended.

Intimate relationships often lead to quarrels, insults and sexual illnesses.

It's good to have light all around you. In addition to electricity, it is good to have lit candles, to illuminate every dark corner.

Prayer can help you cleanse your inner space when you feel confused, indecisive, and don't know which path to take. Prayer is a way to surrender, ask for help, and open yourself up to receive support.

NEW MOON at 18:53h ( 1 lunar day) on May 19 to 06:10h on May 20

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