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Bulgarian Nevena Semova (Attic films, Bulgaria, Fat cat film, Estonia) is one of the 10 emerging producers selected to participate in the New Producers Room program during the 76th Cannes Film Festival 2023.

As an independent producer with international experience, she is determined to continue working in multicultural teams and on projects that rely on the potential of a strong narrative and play along the border of poetic and magical realism.

Over the past 2 years, Nevena has created four short films, a hybrid spectacle combining virtual reality and theatre, a TV documentary and a music video in Estonia, where she completed her master's degree in film student film of EDIFF (UK), and the premiere of the latest film "Unfamiliars" will take place at the festival "In the Palace" on June 14, 2023, followed by screenings within the "Golden Femi" in Bulgaria. FEST in Portugal and the festival in Lulea, Sweden.

Catherine Deneuve opens the Cannes Film Festival

"I haven't met Catherine Deneuve or Johnny Depp yet, but the city is vibrating. We meet potential partners from all over Europe. "New Producers Room" focuses on short films. The program is young and is yet to develop, I hope to see more Bulgarian producers in it, "said Khan Nevena Semova to the Bulgarian National Radio.

She recommended Kinoeyes - The European Movie Masters (EMJMD) as an opportunity for other young artists to continue their education, travel and work at European level.


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