Photographer requests elderly Sikh to take photos, elderly man asks for this small thing in return

A video of a photographer asking an elderly Sikh man to click his pictures has gone viral online. Due to the invaluable response of the elderly man, this heart-touching clip has taken over the internet. You must watch this video, because we hope that after watching it, a sweet smile will also come on your face.

This video has been shared by Sutej Singh Pannu on Instagram. He is known for sharing content on Instagram that will literally touch your hearts. This time, he asked an elderly Sikh if he could click his pictures. The old man happily agreed and also fixed his kurta. She posed for the pictures and also asked Sutej to take out a print. Sutej happily clicked the photo and gave them a print-out.

Watch the video:

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"I want my children to see this picture so that they can remember me for generations to come. They will appreciate it. The video has been viewed over 7 million times and has received a lot of positive responses from many of Sutej's followers.

One user wrote, "My favorite account on Instagram! Through your beautiful photos, you are creating a beautiful catalog of human journeys. Every single wrinkle, toothless smile, white hair speak of an experience, a story. Another user commented, "Your posts make me happy, thank you. Keep showering love like this."

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