Extremely emotional promise to be the final episodes of the most romantic adventure on Bulgarian television "The Bachelor" on Wednesday and Thursday night on bTV. After the dramatic events that shook the mansion of love in recent weeks, the world-famous virtuoso Evgeni Genchev is faced with his most difficult decision to date – to choose his companion in life among Elena, Valeria and Michaela. The three reached the finish line on the way to the musician's heart, and which of them will receive an official marriage proposal and what her response will be, remains to be found only on bTV.

"Of the 25 women I had the opportunity to meet on this adventure here, Elena, Michaela and Valeria managed to achieve the closest and create the strongest connection. All three are extremely different, but at the same time possess a very bright personality, charm and beauty. My choice is not difficult, but impossible. The storm of emotion that all three evoke in me drowns out both reason and mind... even the heart," says Evgeni on the verge of his fateful choice.

The pianist has prepared special surprises for the three finalists, and the first of them is a meeting with their closest ones, who will visit them at the mansion to support them and give them advice.

In front of her mother and best friend, Elena will admit that she is in love like never before, and Mikaela will not contain her emotions from the sentimental gesture that her stepfather will make especially for Evgeni.

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Valeria will be advised by her mother to put her cause behind if she wants to really deepen her relationship with the pianist. Whether the animal advocate in distress will express her willingness to compromise on the vocation to which she has dedicated her life, be sure to find out on Wednesday night (May 17th) at 21:00 on bTV.

Evgeni will take all three contenders to exciting individual romantic encounters in the most beautiful corners of the Mediterranean, and at the end of the evening viewers will witness the last of the season Rose Ceremony, marked by sadness and disappointment, after the musician announces his decision with which of them to part a step away from the grand finale.

The second season of "The Bachelor" will be announced on Thursday (May 18th) with a special three-hour episode from 20:00 to 23:00 on bTV. Then at the mansion of love will arrive Evgeni's parents, who will meet the two participants who have reached the final stage of the race for the heart of their son.

The charismatic "bachelor" will have the opportunity to seclude himself with them in his mansion, the doors of which are about to open for the first time.

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