The day before yesterday (12 December), the Narcotics Bureau of the Police took action to break up two drug cartels in one fell swoop, arrest seven members aged between 7 and 25, and seize about 61 kilograms of suspected cocaine and 227 kilograms of suspected heroin, with a market value of $10 million. Among them, cocaine seizures totalled 1 million yuan, the largest number in a single case this year. Chief Superintendent of the Narcotics Bureau Ng Wan-sze condemned the drug traffickers' actions when explaining the case, accusing them of making no contribution to society, and even saying that the police would do their best to make them lose their blood, "This time you lose tens of millions, next time you will become a prisoner!"

The police seized a total of 12 kilograms of suspected cocaine in the operation the day before yesterday (227th), with a market value of 1 million yuan, the largest number in a single case this year. (Photo by Zhu Yonglun)

The police ambushed an industrial building in Tuen Mun the afternoon before yesterday, found a suspicious man stepping out of a unit, immediately stepped forward to intercept and investigate, and found a total of 223 bricks and a total of 223 kilograms of cocaine on the man and the unit, so the man was arrested. Police officers also found two men and a woman outside the industrial building who were members of a drug cartel in charge of "Watching the Water" and arrested the three on suspicion of drug trafficking. On the evening of the same day, the Police raided the drug storage warehouse of a public housing unit of the drug trafficking syndicate involved in the case, seized 3 kilograms of suspected cocaine, and arrested an Indonesian female warehouse owner yesterday (4th).

In the afternoon of the previous day, the Police also took action against another drug cartel, seizing 777 packages of suspected heroin weighing about 10kg in a residential flat in Jordan and arresting two local men. The drugs were collected in hundreds of boxes of skincare products, and Senior Inspector of the Narcotics Bureau Tam Weinuo said that the seizure of skincare products was no different from normal skincare products, and the drugs were divided into 12-gram packs, wrapped in tin foil and adhesive paper, hidden at the bottom of the skincare products, successfully evaded the detection of law enforcement officers, and arrived in Hong Kong through the regular delivery of the goods, believing that the drug dealers originally intended to receive the goods and repack them for sale.

Superintendent Lau Kai-peng of the Narcotics Bureau pointed out that drug cartels have a careful division of labor, with some people acting as "warehouse owners", water watching, dispatching goods, etc., while others specialising in soliciting others to do drug business to cut off the level of participation of each member, and they collect drugs in different units to disperse the risk of seizure and increase the difficulty of law enforcement. The Police arrested a total of 7 persons aged between 25 and 61 in connection with the two cases, some of whom had triad backgrounds, believing that the two cases were unrelated. Five of them have been provisionally charged with one count of trafficking in dangerous drugs, another local woman has been released on bail pending investigation, and the remaining Indonesian woman is being detained; Police do not rule out more arrests.

Superintendent Lau Kai-peng (from left), Chief Superintendent Ng Wan-sze and Senior Inspector Tam Wai Nou. (Photo by Zhu Yonglun)

The Chief Superintendent warns drug dealers: Do your best to make you lose your money

Chief Superintendent of the Narcotics Bureau (NB) Ng Ji Sze said that drug traffickers thought that they could avoid detection by frequently switching different units to store drugs and using different methods to disguise drugs, but the NB has been actively targeting drug cartels in an intelligence-led manner, cooperating with operational deployments to wipe out their drug warehouses and severely damage their sources of illegal income. She denounced drug dealers not only for not contributing to society, but also for their own interests, luring immature teenagers with meager pay, and "calculating adults who are lucky and calculating" as errands, pushing them to take the biggest risk in the entire drug trafficking process, and some of them have even been arrested without receiving payment, losing their freedom for decades to come. She told the drug dealer, "You can continue to use the same method to transport drugs to Hong Kong, but I promise you, and the police will do their best to make you do business without return, and you will be worried all the time!" This time you lose tens of millions, and next time you will become a prisoner!"

Chief Superintendent of the Narcotics Bureau, Ng Chin-sze, not only makes no contribution to the society, but also makes her own interests, luring young people and calculating adults with little remuneration to run errands and push them to bear the greatest risk in the entire drug trafficking process. (Photo by Zhu Yonglun)

Coinciding with Mother's Day today, Wu said that of the seven people arrested this time, five are only 7 to 5 years old, which is very young, "I want to believe that the mothers of several arrested people must be uncomfortable, and they must be heartbroken." She urged parents to pay more attention to the situation of their children, including adult children, and not turn a blind eye to their exposure to drugs and seek help from social workers. She also urged members of the public to report any drug-related offences through the Police hotline at 25 32.