Wang Xiaomei had an obvious swelling on the inner side of her right elbow, which was reddish, swollen and painful when pressed.

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[Reporter Zhang Xuanzhe/Taichung Report] Cats are many people's healing partners, but cats may carry bacteria and parasites, and if they infect humans, they will cause health crises.

An 8-year-old Wang Xiaomei was admitted to the Pediatric Outpatient Clinic of Guangtian Hospital. She was not scratched and bitten by a cat, but she was infected with "cat scratch disease", which is mostly caused by cats.

Physicians reminded that mild symptoms of this disease can usually be cured by adults, but it may pose a threat to young children, the elderly and immunocompromised groups.

Wang Xiaomei had an obvious lump on the inner side of her right elbow, which was reddish, swollen, and gradually painful for several days. Her mother took her to the pediatrician Jiang Guoliang Clinic of Guangtian Hospital. In addition, Wang’s mother also noticed that Wang Xiaomei had a small wound on the knuckle of her middle finger and the inner side of her palm. , slightly like the traces of insects and mosquito bites, I am very worried about whether the lump is related to the wound.

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Jiang Guoliang asked Wang Xiaomei if she had ever been in contact with cats and dogs, or if she had pets at home. Wang's mother said that there were cats at home, and Wang Xiaomei's father had "cat scratch disease" caused by cat bites more than a month ago, resulting in armpit pain. The lower lymphadenitis and abscess were hospitalized for treatment, but little sister Wang was not bitten by the cat, so she didn't care.

Jiang Guoliang pointed out that although Wang Xiaomei was not directly bitten by a cat, it is suspected that there are cat fleas left in the home environment, and cat fleas are the host of bacteria. Hospitalized for examination and treatment.

Jiang Guoliang said that cat scratch disease is a disease caused by the infection of Bartonella henselae (Bartonella henselae). It is a disease caused by suppuration or even lumps in the affected part of the cat, which spread to the lymph nodes of the cat scratch.

Wang Xiaomei was treated with intravenous and oral antibiotics, and her pain and discomfort disappeared significantly. The lump shrank and no tenderness was felt. After 4 days of hospitalization, her condition was stable and she was discharged.

Jiang Guoliang reminded pet owners to pay attention to "cat scratch disease". Most people can recover by themselves, but for young children, the elderly, and adults with weak immune systems, it may cause serious complications such as localized lymphadenopathy and systemic infection. Parents are requested to pay special attention to whether young children have wounds after interacting with pets. If there are suppurative lumps and other phenomena in the future, they should go to the clinic for further examination.

It is recommended that people who have cats in their homes, as well as young children and the elderly, should regularly trim their cats’ nails to remove fleas, strengthen environmental cleaning, and avoid cat scratch disease.

Dr. Jiang Guoliang from the Department of Pediatrics of Guangtian Hospital diagnosed that although Wang Xiaomei was not bitten by a cat, she was still infected with "cat scratch disease".

Figure non-patient parties.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)

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