"New Taste Food Shop", a famous egg yolk pastry store in Lukang for more than 30 years, makes egg yolk pastry by hand, which makes many customers addicted to it once they eat it.

The "New Taste Food Shop" has been operating in Lukang, Changhua for more than 30 years. The layered crisp meringue is sandwiched with dense red bean paste filling, and the delicious red soil salted egg yolk is covered with loose sand. It perfectly combines the sweetness and the warm and salty taste, which makes people's teeth and cheeks aftertaste. Once you get addicted”, “Once you eat, you can’t go back”.

"New Taste Food Line" creates the only egg yolk pastry food truck in Taiwan. The first launch will be in the outdoor plaza on the 1F of Taipei SOGO Zhongxiao Pavilion from 5/15 to 5/21.

Now people in Taipei don’t have to go all the way to Changhua. The “New Taste Food Shop” has created the only egg yolk pastry food truck in Taiwan. From May 15th to May 21st, it participated in the food truck flash mob event at the outdoor plaza of Taipei SOGO Zhongxiao Pavilion for the first time. There is an exclusive area for camping chairs and folding tables, where you can leisurely taste the delicious snacks delivered directly from Lukang, and take photos with modern fat trucks and giant egg yolk pastry installations.

The dining car limited edition light box packs 6 pieces/320 yuan.

During the event, in addition to selling the signature egg yolk crisps, 60 yuan for a single piece and 320 yuan for a six-pack light box limited to the dining car, there is also a special limited-time "Old School Trendy Coffee Afternoon Tea Combination" for only 130 yuan. The sweet, salty and delicious classic egg yolk Crisp with selected coffee, through the mellowness of coffee, the delicate aroma of egg yolk crisp, a new combination of one Chinese and one Western, bursting out amazing flavor levels, if you want to taste the wonderful taste of famous stores, don't miss it.

At the scene, you can take photos with the playful and modern fat truck and the giant egg yolk pastry installation.

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