Sainz-Viegas said, "I fully believe that the guitar is the most beautiful instrument. It is my challenge to pursue the highest artistic realm of the guitar."

(Photo by reporter Ling Meixue)

[Reporter Ling Meixue/Taipei Report] Pablo, a Spanish classical guitarist who will start a tour of the National Biaoyi Hall 3 from the 13th.

Pablo Sáinz-Villegas (Pablo Sáinz-Villegas) arrived in Taiwan in the early morning of the 11th, and met with the media in the afternoon. Pablo said that the guitar is the most ordinary musical instrument, but it is also the most able to shuttle between different In the culture of the world, what he wants to do most is to use music to connect the world, open people's hearts, and feel the beauty of life.

As precocious as all talented performers, Pablo started to learn guitar at the age of 6 (Pablo described himself as tall as the guitar at the time), and after his first public performance at the age of 7, he determined his wish to become a musician in the future.

Talking about the music career of the guitar, Pablo said that it is not easy for a guitar player to find an agent in the classical music scene. He described himself as "knocking on the door of an agent" since he was 19 years old, and he worked hard for 10 years before finally being able to find an agent at the age of 29. Year-old found someone willing to sign him.

The adversity of this music career made him often think about not playing, but his love for the guitar turned into the strength of perseverance. "It just made me think: who am I?" Pablo said that setbacks are part of life, although it is very difficult. It was hard work, but looking back suddenly, it was actually a good experience.

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After that, Pablo started his international performance career and traveled to more than 40 countries. He was praised by the international media as the "International Ambassador of Spanish Guitar" and the successor of "Guitar Legend" Segovia.

The best testimony of Pablo's status in the classical music world is that he was invited to meet with the conductor Kirill in 2020.

It was also the first time that the Berlin Philharmonic collaborated with a guitarist in 38 years.

Pablo played the "Alan Huize Concerto" by the greatest Spanish composer Rodrigo, which is one of the most famous guitar concertos in the classical repertoire. Symphonic Guitar" field leader.

Referring to the repertoire of this visit to Taiwan, Pablo said that flamenco music comes from the ground; Spanish gypsy folk songs are like the rhythm of the air; and when presented as a whole, there is heaven, earth, and love. All kinds of feelings, just like the concept of "heaven, earth and man".

The repertoire covers 4 important Spanish composers, including 2 of the 12 Spanish dance pieces by Granados; the gypsy-style music of Rodrigo, who was blind since childhood; Plus, and a piece by Albaniz, also a pianist who inspired the guitar work.

Performed at Taichung National Opera House on May 13, at Kaohsiung Weiwuying on May 14, and at Taipei National Concert Hall on May 17.

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