(Photo/provided by Jiesheng Communication)

Jiesheng Communications announced the sales data of its stores in April, and announced the top 15 price reduction rankings of mobile phones in Taiwan. Two flagship mobile phones appeared in the Android camp, and the prices have been almost cut in half, allowing consumers to buy flagship-level experience at mid-range prices.

Compared with the 5 iPhones that entered the list in March, Apple's mobile phones have stabilized this month. The list is all Android phones, of which 8 models are the most Xiaomi, including the Redmi Note 12 series that went on sale at the end of March. Not only did it occupy the top 2 spots on the list, but the monthly drop of 2,000 yuan reached 17%.

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(Photo/provided by Jiesheng Communication)

There are two flagship phones in the Android camp, and their prices have been cut in half since they went on the market. The original price of Asus ZenFone 8 was 23,990 yuan, but now the channel price is only 12,990 yuan, while the price of Mi 12 has also been cut from 23,990 yuan to 13,390 yuan, which is the same positioning as mid-range phones. However, better performance and specifications will be options that consumers can consider buying.

In addition, Samsung’s folding mobile phone Galaxy Z Fold4 and ASUS ROG Phone 6 (Diablo model) also have price reductions of 15,898 and 8,000 yuan, respectively.

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