The popular Korean girl group TWICE will release their 10th single "Hare Hare" in Japan on the 31st of this month. Following the release of the previous image promotional photos, Taiwanese member Tzuyu Zhou is dressed in tight conservative clothing, which is considered old-fashioned by netizens, sparking heated discussions Afterwards, yesterday (9) days TWICE Japan official community released another teaser video, this time Tzuyu rarely appeared in the shape of "curly bangs", which unexpectedly attracted comments from netizens with polar opposites.

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Zhou Ziyu's "curly bangs" style (left) attracted mixed comments from netizens.

In the video, Zhihyo, who is standing in the C position, has her long hair styled, and the other members have the same style as before, without much change. Only Tzuyu, who is standing aside, has her long hair curled up and parted in the middle of her bangs. It is also deliberately blown into an S-shaped wavy curl, which is different from the mature girl who always has fairy-like long straight hair or side-parted big curves. Some fans praised after watching it: "Very cute", " Refreshing", but it also attracted another group of netizens to criticize the curly bangs for making Tzuyu "feel like an aunt", "shrugged", "unnatural", and "completely supported by face".

Tzuyu who stood on the stage was in full swing.

Tzuyu showed off her slender waist and beautiful legs on stage.

Although the bangs attracted comments from both sides, Tzuyu who stood on the stage was hot!

TWICE's 5th World Performance "Ready to be" came to Melbourne a few days ago. On the stage, Tzuyu wore multiple sets of one-shoulder short T-shirts, paired with mini skirts that were so short that they reached the heels of the legs, showing off her freshness Waist and beautiful legs, I saw that when singing the song "Say Something", all the members twisted their waists to get rid of it together, Tzuyu looked so sexy that he exploded!

Concert stage dress is sexy and beautiful.

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