"The United Nations of Stories: Every Country Tells a Story" invites lecturers from various countries such as Eswatini to tell stories about picture books, and has rich experiences such as driving and singing.

(Provided by Taiwan Literature Museum)

[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Tainan Report] In response to the 518 International Museum Day, the National Taiwan Museum of Literature interprets the annual theme "Museums, Sustainability, and Health and Well-being" from a literary perspective. It will launch a series of "Self-Traveling Words" activities online and offline. Let's run, and invite everyone to enjoy the world of literature.

The Taiwen Museum stated that in response to the SDGs sustainable development goals such as "global health and well-being", "climate action", and "terrestrial ecology" that are concerned by the 2023 International Museum Day, it launched picture book storytelling, games, literature resource boxes, Fucheng Day reading and other activities are injected into sustainable issues, hoping that the people who come to participate can discover literature in their lives and pay attention to the environment.

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From now until May 31, if you participate in the online "Writing Travel Notes Draw Prizes" event, you will have a chance to win "Breaking Dawn" Ink Set" and other gifts.

(Provided by Taiwan Literature Museum)

From now until November 4th, "Story United Nations: Every Country Tells a Story", in cooperation with the offices of various countries in Taiwan, selects the United States, Japan, Czech Republic, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, Italy, Svati The picture book stories from Nigeria, Austria and other countries introduce the culture of each country, and share how each country implements the goal of sustainable development, broadening children's international vision.

On May 20th and May 27th, "Let's Gather! Fucheng Time and Space Travelers" day reading activities, the guide Zheng Yafen visited cultural and historical attractions with the public.

(Provided by Taiwan Literature Museum)

On May 14th, the "Chasing the Wind" board game experience will be held. Players will play the role of political personnel and dig out the truth of the fraud!

On May 19th, in cooperation with the Nanshi Central and Western District Health Center and the "Grandma and Teacher Order Department" team, the "Literature is a good house" activity was launched. On that day, the literature resource box will be unpacked, and volunteers will guide the "Writing in Taiwanese" "Words for Diseases" special exhibition.

On May 20th and 27th, the “Let’s Gather! Time and Space Travelers in Fucheng” day-study activity will be launched. With a relaxing and interesting themed tour, you can visit the literary scenery written by EMI travelers and experience the most authentic Tainan taste!

From now until May 31, the online "Writing Travel Notes to Draw Gifts" activity is also launched. Just explore the themed route of the "Walking by Yourself" section of the "Literature LET'S GO" website, and share photos and personal travel notes to the website and personal Facebook, you will have a chance to win commemorative gifts.

For details of the event, please refer to the official website (https://tinyurl.com/3yhh4wbc).

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