The doctor pointed out that the outermost layer of the cavernous body of the penis is covered with the albuginea, which has both ductility and toughness, and the maximum pressure it can withstand is equivalent to 400 atmospheres; the picture is a schematic diagram.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] If you want to maintain good erectile function, you must first protect the corpus cavernosum. Huang Guanjun, a urologist, pointed out that the outermost layer of the corpus cavernosum is covered with a white membrane, which is both malleable and tough. The maximum pressure it bears is equivalent to 400 atmospheres. To protect it well, you need to do more aerobic exercise, quit smoking, control blood sugar and blood pressure, and often let the cavernous body of the penis congest with blood to maintain the perfusion of the cavernous body.

Huang Guanjun posted on his Facebook fan page "Dr. Huang Guanjun-Urology Clinic Journal" that the cavernous body of the penis means "an object full of holes" in Latin, and it looks like a sponge. The rupture of the albuginea refers to the lower semicircle of the penis, which is also the most vulnerable place of the albuginea.

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Huang Guanjun said that since the corpus cavernosum is mainly composed of corpus cavernosum smooth muscle and blood vessels, when sexually stimulated, the corpus cavernosum smooth muscle relaxes, blood rushes into the corpus cavernosum, and the expanded corpus cavernosum and strong albuginea press against the veins. , Let the blood stay in the cavernous body of the penis to achieve complete congestion.

Doesn't necessarily turn up after erection

Huang Guanjun said that the angle of erection depends on the weight of the penis and the tightness of the suspensory ligaments of the penis, so some people will not turn up after erection. It is less likely to be raised after an erection.

4 ways to care for the cavernous body of the penis

●Do more aerobic exercise.

●Quit smoking.

●Control blood sugar and blood pressure.

●Often let the corpus cavernosum congest with blood and maintain the perfusion of the corpus cavernosum.

Huang Guanjun pointed out that maintaining the perfusion of the cavernous body is very important in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

In addition to relying on passive nocturnal erections, you can also consider taking low-dose aphrodisiacs (such as Cialis) or negative pressure erection aids.

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