Dr. Luo Dafu said that if the elders have symptoms such as lumbar nerve compression or lower limb pain and numbness, they should seek medical confirmation as soon as possible, so as not to delay the illness and cause bigger problems.

(Photo by reporter Chen Jianzhi)

[Reporter Chen Jianzhi/Taichung Report] A 73-year-old woman surnamed Guo was recently sent to the hospital due to a high fever. It was only after examination that she found urinary tract infection and kidney inflammation. During the hospitalization, the woman complained of low back pain and was unable to stand up. After an orthopedic examination, she found out that the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae of the woman were The ganglion nerve was severely oppressed, and because of the low back pain, he often couldn't relieve himself when going to the toilet, and even held back his urine, which caused a urinary tract infection. After the arrangement of "Midline Minimally Invasive Spinal Fusion Surgery", the low back pain was cured, so that she no longer had to hold back the urine.

Luo Dafu, an orthopedic surgeon at Yada Hospital, pointed out that the patient had had low back pain symptoms for many years, but she was unwilling to seek medical treatment. Finally, it was decided to perform "Midline Minimally Invasive Spinal Fusion Surgery" for the patient to solve the problem of nerve compression and low back pain.

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On the second day after the operation, the patient was able to get out of bed under the protection of the brace, and the soreness in the right foot gradually disappeared. In addition, the effect of antibiotic treatment for urinary tract infection was good.

A 73-year-old woman surnamed Guo had severe pressure on the 4th and 5th lumbar nerves (left), and she underwent "minimally invasive midline spinal fusion surgery" to insert bone nails (right), and her back pain problem was resolved.

(Photographed by reporter Chen Jianzhi)

Luo Dafu pointed out that the "Midline Minimally Invasive Spinal Fusion Surgery" has the advantages of small wounds, less bleeding, and less hospitalization days. It also reduces the injury of back muscle stretching, especially the direction of bone nail implantation is opposite to the nerve root, which can reduce the chance of nerve injury. Compared with traditional surgery, patients' satisfaction with postoperative surgery is increased.

Luo Dafu reminded that the symptoms of lumbar nerve compression are mostly soreness and numbness in the lower limbs. Sometimes the pain will be aggravated by walking, which will lead to a decrease in the patient's activity. If you deliberately reduce the frequency of toilet defecation or hold back urine, it may cause urinary tract or digestive problems. In case of infection, the public is reminded to pay more attention to the behavior of the elders in the family. If they have the above symptoms, they should accompany them to see a doctor for confirmation as soon as possible, so as not to delay the illness and cause bigger problems.

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