On the left is the 6.3-inch dual-lens Pixel 7, the camera frame is made of matte aluminum alloy; on the right is the 6.7-inch triple-lens Pixel 7 Pro, the camera frame is made of glossy aluminum alloy.

(Photo/photographed by reporter Liu Huiqin)

From the launch of major mobile phone brands in the market from 2019 to 2022, among the many models and styles, which mobile phone has been rated as the most difficult to repair?

And which mobile phone brand takes the highest average repair time on the list?

According to the latest survey and research report released by Electronics Hub, the data collected from the iFixit professional DIY dismantling and maintenance website provides up to 228 mobile phone maintenance index and maintenance guide documents. The results show that the mobile phone with the highest DIY repair difficulty is Google The dual-camera flagship model Pixel 7 launched last year took an average repair time of about 60.3 minutes, and the difficulty of self-repair was as high as nearly 100%, ranking first in the list of the most difficult mobile phones to repair.

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The main reason is that the back of this mobile phone adopts a unique horizontal camera frame. No matter if the battery is faulty or the screen is damaged, it is difficult to disassemble parts for replacement by yourself, and the smooth replacement of parts after disassembly can be easily assembled without professional maintenance skills. With specific tools, the difficulty of self-repair is higher than other mobile phones.

Based on a collection of 228 mobile phones launched from 2019 to 2022, based on the difficulty of self-repair and the average time spent on repair as a benchmark, Electronics Hub released a list of the top ten most repairable and hardest-to-repair mobile phones.

(Photo taken from Electronics Hub

The second to fifth places in the list of top ten most difficult mobile phones to repair are: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (2019), Apple iPhone SE 3rd Generation (2022), Redmi Note 7 (2019) and Xiaomi Mi 9 (2019).

The sixth to tenth places are: Huawei P30 Pro (2019), Redmi Note 11 Pro (2022), Google Pixel 3a XL (2019), Samsung Galaxy A72 (2019) and Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (2021),

Looking at the list of ten mobile phones released above, the difficulty of self-repair is as high as 100%. The difference lies in the average time required for self-repair.

In contrast, the comprehensive DIY repair index is the easiest and the average repair time. Based on this, the list of the top ten most repairable mobile phones released is ranked first by Moto G7. The repair difficulty of this mobile phone is 50%, and the average repair time is about 25 minutes.

Secondly, the models of each brand on the list from the second to the tenth are: Samsung Galaxy A40 (2019), Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (2022), Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (2019), Apple iPhone 13 (2021) , POCO M3 (2019) and OnePlus Nord 2 5G (2021).

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