Never seen such a fight between elephants, attacked each other with long teeth

Elephants are considered intelligent for their calm nature.

There are many videos on the internet which show that elephant is not that kind of animal, it never harms anyone unless it is provoked.

That's why when IFS officer Saket Badola (IFS officer Saket Badola) shared the video of the fight of two elephants, people were surprised.

In this video shared on Twitter, two elephants are fighting with each other and someone has recorded the video from a moving vehicle.

Elephants can be seen baring their tusks during a fight.

Badola captioned the video, "Clash of the Titans!"

Watch Video:

Clash of Titans!!

VC: WA forward

— Saket Badola IFS (@Saket_Badola) May 4, 2023

The clip has been viewed over 6,000 times and received many reactions.

People were quite surprised by the incredible and rare sight.

While some were curious to know the reason behind the fight, others commented on how scary the fight was.

"Majestic but terrifying at the same time," said one Twitter user, while another commented, "What would they fight for?" 

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