After 26 years since his debut, Park Eun Bin encountered the representative work of his life "The Very Lawyer Yu Yingxuan".

(courtesy of Netflix)

[Reporter Liao Lihui/Special report] Park Eun-bin, who debuted for 26 years, encountered her life masterpiece "The Very Lawyer Yu Yingxuan" in 2022. She interpreted a person with autism spectrum disorder in a delicate and gentle way. To understand autism with a prejudiced and discriminatory heart, Park Eun Bin contributed a lot to the success of this drama.



Regarding the role of people with autism spectrum disorder, Park Eun-bin is not without worries. He is afraid that he will hurt some people because of this. .

Facts have also proved that Park Eun-bin has done it, and successfully let everyone know more "Yu Yingxuan" in every corner of society without discrimination.

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The scene of Park Eun Bin wearing a wedding dress is amazing.

(courtesy of Netflix)

When she won the Baeksang award, she said that her favorite line from "Yu Yingxuan" is: "Although my life is strange and weird, but at the same time it is also very valuable and beautiful." Park Eun Bin's words, the audience felt it.

She also did not forget to speak out for people with autism spectrum disorders on stage, calling on everyone to be more friendly and tolerant of people who are different from herself. Park Eun Bin, who is so kind and genuine, also makes people look forward to her next step.

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