5 major telecom companies compare Mother's Day discounts.

(Picture / Chunghwa Telecom) To welcome Mother's Day, five major telecom discounts are released, among which Asia Pacific Telecom offers a low-priced 388 yuan 4G unlimited speed all-you-can-eat plan, and a bonus for shopping at supermarkets.

Google officially abandoned the password and fully enabled the "passkeys" function.

Apple's latest financial report was released this week, and iPhone sales hit a record high; HTC's U-series is also rumored to be revived, and Taiwanese netizens also bought engineering phones, causing heated discussions on the Internet.

In addition, Taiwan's first-quarter best-selling mobile phone list, the top 10 mobile phones are either Apple or Samsung.

Five Telecom Mother's Day Offers Start!

Unlimited speed 4G all-you-can-eat 388 yuan

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To welcome Mother's Day, major telecom promotions are starting!

Whether you want to buy a new phone or upgrade your 5G phone number, discounts and gifts are provided. "Freedom 3C Channel" sorts out the latest discounts of the five major telecom companies and compares them.

Among them, the Asia Pacific Telecom network store offers a low-priced 388 yuan 4G unlimited speed all-you-can-eat plan, and an additional 1,200 yuan for Family Mart shopping credits for bids, and an additional 500 yuan for new users. In addition, 188, 288, 338 and other light Degree traffic charges.....continue reading.

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Taiwan's Big Brother pushes buy now, pay later, and is the first to launch momo shopping network

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Passwords are no longer required!

Passkeys, a new Google login method, is fully activated

Google announced the full launch of the "passkeys" function, the purpose of which is to "eliminate passwords" and create a faster and more secure login method.

The password key will replace the password. In the future, user login can be verified by "other devices", such as using the phone's built-in fingerprint, face recognition, or a simple screen unlocking Pin code. These information will only be stored in the device Among them, it is not like a password stored in the cloud, which is easy to be stolen by phishing attacks...Continue reading.

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The official did not hide the video exposure

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Some netizens bought HTC's unannounced new machine!

Internet shouting super fierce: the first person in Taiwan to open the box

It is rumored that HTC is preparing to revive the U series, and the new generation of U23 Pro is ready to launch. A few days ago, the "real phone photos" were leaked at the Xianyu auction in China. It didn't take long for Taiwanese netizens to say "I bought it".

The Taiwanese netizen shared on


, saying that he bought it without thinking too much about Xianyu. According to his actual measurement and sharing, he revealed some core specifications of U23 Pro. The camera is as high as 108 million pixels... read on.

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Official release trailer


Android job-hopping users, new fruit powder assists!

Apple predicts new record iPhone sales

Both Qualcomm and Sony executives are unanimously pessimistic about the mobile phone industry. Data from research institutions also show that market sales have dropped significantly, while Apple's iPhone has grown against the trend!

The latest financial report broke the forecast and handed in a brilliant report card. CEO Tim Cook even named it, playing the key role in India's new fruit fans and Android job-hopping users.

The iPhone is the biggest highlight of Apple's first-quarter financial report. Revenue increased by 1.5% to US$51.3 billion in a single quarter, which was even better than the expected US$48.8 billion...Continue reading.

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The European Union warns Apple that the worst end will be exposed

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Taiwan's mobile phone best-selling list in the first quarter of this year is released!

"Free 5,000 yuan Android" rushed into the TOP 10

The warning signs of the downturn are still there. In the first quarter of 2023, the sales results of the physical channel in Taiwan's mobile phone market have been released, and the overall sales volume has dropped again!

According to the statistical report of the market research agency, the sales volume of Taiwan's mobile phone market in the first quarter was about 1.183 million units, a decrease of 7% from the 1.272 million units in the same period last year, reflecting the continued downturn in the market.

In the top 20 best-selling list in the first quarter, Apple’s new and old iPhone models dominate the list with 9 seats, and the best-selling champions and runners-up in Taiwan are still iPhone 14 Pro (256GB) and iPhone 14 Pro Max (256GB)…..Continue reading .

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