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Desi Tsoneva receives a number of serious threats from relatives of the colorful cook Tsveti.

The threats come after the journalist jumped on boss Angelov's favorite.

In the social network, Desi bites the red-haired beauty Tsveti.

Tsoneva does not understand why the young cook, who shone with her sweet naivety, is launched by everyone.

Moreover, according to her, Tsveti lacks elementary general culture.

"Tsveti is simple. She has no education and culture. A sweet but simple girl. Anyway. The level is like that," Tsoneva wrote on the network.

Immediately fans and supporters of Tsveti reacted with sharp attacks and insults to Tsoneva.

Desi Tsoneva bakes in a skimpy swimsuit

"I fed the cook from Vratsa. Now I'm being threatened by some Vratsa guys. And they are serious that they will carry out their threats, Desi admits without revealing exactly what threats she received," writes "Bulgaria Dnes".