Mother's Day is coming, let's help mom change her mobile phone!

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Mother's Day is coming, let's help mom change her mobile phone!

From now until May 7, Jiesheng Communications offers discounts on limited models. The two major brands include Apple iPhone 14 series and Samsung mobile tablet, with the highest discount of nearly 10,000 yuan. OPPO A78 and ASUS Zenfone 8 Flip and other models There is a 34% discount on the sale, and there is also a lucky draw. If you purchase a machine, you can draw iPhone 14 Pro Max, Nintendo Switch and other prizes.

During Jiesheng Telecom’s Mother’s Day schedule, the iPhone 14 (128GB) will be sold to 24,190 yuan for a limited time; the iPhone 14 Pro (128GB) will be discounted at 4,210 yuan, and the special price will be 30,690 yuan.

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The old Android flagship is also a good choice, Samsung S22+ (8GB/256GB), the highest saving is 9,910 yuan, the lowest price since it was launched; OPPO Reno8 Pro, the price at checkout will be discounted by 7,700 yuan, only 17,290 yuan.


If you are looking for cheap mobile phones, Jiesheng Communication recommends OPPO A78 (4GB/128GB), which only costs 5,590 yuan; realme 10T (4GB/128GB), which only costs 5,890 yuan. Both of them feature large screens and high power, which are very suitable for mothers.

The best-selling Android for a long time is also on the list of discounts. Samsung A53 (8GB/256GB) has a 31% discount when it breaks the market. Those who are interested are advised to start as soon as possible.

In addition, ASUS Zenfone 8 Flip (8GB/128GB), there is 34% off during the activity period, and you can save 7,500 yuan now.

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