Former stewardess Victoria Ilieva left forever the most romantic TV competition "The Bachelor" after not getting a rose from Evgeny on the verge of the grand finale, which is coming up on May 18 at 20:00 on bTV.

"I may not be your man, but somewhere out there, someone will love you very much because you are a gorgeous woman!"

Thank you for being here!”, were the words of the pianist saying goodbye to the yoga instructor.

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"And I thank you for every moment together.

Everything I experienced with you here was really very special to me.

With all my heart I wish you to find love!”, Victoria wished the pianist before leaving the mansion of love.

Vicky did not hide that she felt misunderstood by Evgeni during their conversation immediately before the Ceremony, in which she revealed to him that her definition of "falling in love" was quite different from that of the other contenders in the competition: "For my time, spent here, I managed to fall in love with Evgeni, but I don't think this is the place to reveal myself in this way.

I don't want and can't be like the other girls here who brag about their feelings for Evgeni and share them with everyone.

What I feel for him, I want to be just between the two of us.

Perhaps during our conversation today I remained misunderstood, or rather I failed to express what I feel.

In my own way, I told Evgeny that I was in love with him, but he didn't understand me."

This week, the semi-finalists on "The Bachelor" once again took part in fun group challenges, with which Evgeni was able to test both their skills and their principles.

On Wednesday evening, the ladies had to answer informative and provocative questions about the pianist's life outside the form, and the victory was won by the law student Mikaela, who won a romantic retreat with the "bachelor" in the most beautiful corners of Bodrum.

She, in turn, uses the moment to open up to him about her cause of helping people who are victims of bullying, something she herself faced in her childhood.

Evgeni rewarded Mika's courage to reveal herself to him with more than a romantic gesture, which gave her confidence that she had a reason to be at this stage in the love race.

Viewers also witnessed tension between the pianist and the animal defender Valeria, whom he managed to burn on her most painful topic after organizing a competition to prepare the tastiest homemade pie.

To make it, the girls had to obtain the necessary products first hand, but Valeria categorically refused to milk a goat, firmly standing by her principles that she would never allow herself to cause suffering to any animal.

In the end, Evgeni decided that Elena's pie was the most delicious, and rewarded her efforts with individual solitude, filled with romance and shared moments.

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