Tainan's "Fucheng Sao Roasted House" has launched a new flamboyant "Big Mac Lard Bibimbap". The eggless version is priced at 160 yuan, and an egg is 150 yuan.

(Photo / IG@amos0716, provided by Fucheng BBQ)

Known as Tainan's "Most Crazy Barbecue Restaurant", Fucheng Sao Yakitori continues to introduce flamboyant new dishes to attract the attention of gourmets, such as "Mickey's Lard Bibimbap" and "Charcoal Grilled Red Grass" are all popular check-in delicacies on IG. There is also a new hidden version of the dish "Big Mac Lard Bibimbap". Just add an egg, you can eat 5 mountain egg yolks + 10 quail egg yolks, golden and attractive egg liquid plus fragrant lard Bibimbap is so enjoyable!

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Don't worry about egg shortages, you can become an "egg rich man" when you come to Tainan. Fucheng BBQ has upgraded the original lard powder in the store, and packed rice, ancient soy sauce and fragrant lard in wooden barrels. A bucket of 160 yuan is about five people. For customers who like to eat eggs, an extra egg service is launched, and an extra serving is 150 yuan. The full egg liquid reveals the full nutritional score", "I want to eat too if the cholesterol exceeds the standard", and netizens also said about the actual taste that "it is OK to mix well and eat".

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The crazy version in the photo is to directly add two eggs (300 yuan), including 10 mountain egg yolks and 20 quail egg yolks. The large and small egg yolks are covered with lard bibimbap, which is particularly visually impactful. At the same time, the store also recommends that customers can order it a la carte Small scallops, fried shrimp, DIY seafood-filled scallop bibimbap and shrimp lard bibimbap. If you like salmon roe, you can increase the price and continue to pile up. The eye-catching photos are beyond the table!


Address: No. 122, Qianfeng Road, East District, Tainan City

Time: 18:00-1:00

am Tel: 06-2377099

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