Xie Chengjun (from left), Zeng Zhixi, Chen Peiqi and Wang Zhenfu are cheering for the ratings in the studio.

(provided by Sanli)

[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] Sanli’s 8 o’clock Taiwanese drama "The Way of Heaven" officially launched on the 3rd, and the discussion was extremely high. Xie Chengjun, Zeng Zhixi, Wang Zhenfu and Chen Peiqi were in the studio today to cheer for the ratings. Zeng Zhixi led everyone to dance together on the spot. , Xie Chengjun said with a smile that this dance is already a way for the crew to relieve stress. Even Miao Keli will dance beside her when she is resting. Wang Zhenfu humorously said: "Then we will dance in a group and go to bed in a group!"

Chen Peiqi earnestly said that after three years of the epidemic, it has been a long time since everyone has seen the audience in close quarters. She also hopes to hold a fan meeting in the shortest possible time and sign posters for fans in person.

The actors announced that the follow-up plot will be very exciting. Zeng Zhixi smiled sweetly and said that the audience should watch the TV. There will be a very sexy look on the stage. She herself is very curious about the development of the relationship with Xie Chengjun and her brother and sister. She also said that this time she must challenge "Forbidden Love".

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Wang Zhenfu and Chen Peiqi have a good understanding at present. Wang Zhenfu said that if there is love in the play, there will be hatred between the two, and it is guaranteed to be intense and emotional. The name of Chen Peiqi's character is "Wu Jingyu". Watching Chen Peiqi's wonderful performance of "No Abstinence", Xie Chengjun directly broke the point and said that the crew recognized that the biggest beneficiary was Wang Zhenfu.

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