Li Heming, the chief neurosurgery doctor at Xinlou Hospital, pointed out that a 50-year-old male cement worker underwent an MRI examination and found a herniated intervertebral disc.

(Photo by reporter Wang Junzhong)

[Reporter Wang Junzhong/Tainan Report] 50-year-old Mr. Wang works in the cement industry on weekdays. He often suffers from pain on the left side of his body. He found that it was sciatica. He sought help from the outpatient clinic and gave him painkillers, rehabilitation, and acupuncture. An MRI examination showed herniated discs in the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae, and she was arranged to be hospitalized for a relatively new intervertebral disc plastic surgery in recent years. She was discharged from the hospital on the 3rd day and resumed her daily work one month later.

Li Heming, the attending neurosurgery doctor of Xinlou Hospital, pointed out that Mr. Wang, who works as a cement worker, would bend over in his daily work. This bending for a long time may cause intervertebral disc herniation; in addition, if there is intervertebral disc herniation, it is best not to do yoga.

However, patients with lumbar spine diseases will cause lesions as they grow older, work fatigue, and even sudden accidents such as car accidents, which will deform the lumbar spine, causing symptoms such as intervertebral disc herniation, lumbar dislocation, and lumbar stenosis.

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Mild cases of this disease will cause waist pain, numbness, soreness, and pain in feet and lower limbs; moreover, they will limp; severe cases will be bedridden and unable to move, resulting in muscle atrophy and bedsores, which seriously affect the quality of daily life.

Li Heming said that intervertebral disc plastic surgery has only been developed in the last 4 years. In the past, lumbar spine surgery was a destructive surgery. Whether it is the early archectomy and decompression surgery or the more popular minimally invasive surgery, it can only be used in foreign countries. The condition of intervertebral disc herniation, after his technical improvement, can treat intervertebral disc herniation, lumbar dislocation, stenosis, intervertebral disc degeneration and other symptoms.

However, this operation still has the risk of poor healing of the general surgical wound and infection. However, except for the balloon spreader, the other expenses of the operation are paid by the health insurance, which greatly reduces the burden on patients and their families.

Li Minghe explained that the procedure of intervertebral disc plastic surgery is that the patient removes the necrotic part of the intervertebral disc after anesthesia, retains the outer shell of the intervertebral disc, corrects the lumbar spine to a normal position with a balloon spreader, and then pours an appropriate amount of bone cement into the intervertebral disc inside the shell.

The advantages of this operation are (1) short operation time, small wound, and less damage (compared to minimally invasive surgery); (2) correction of dislocation; (3) reduction of postoperative pain; (4) restoration of lumbar load bearing and early return to work ; (5) Bending is not affected; (6) Patients with osteoporosis can still do this operation.

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