Jay Chou will launch several tours in Hong Kong.

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[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] "Jay Chou" Jay Chou will hold 7 "Carnival" tours at Hong Kong's central seaside event space starting tomorrow (5). This outdoor venue is also the same venue where Mayday went to Hong Kong to sing a while ago. Jay Chou was at the rehearsal, but a super distinguished guest came to the scene. Hong Kong "God of Songs" Jacky Cheung came to visit the class. Jay Chou happily shared the photo of him and Jacky Cheung at the first time. ".

Jay Chou (right) is rehearsing for the Hong Kong concert, Jacky Cheung specially went to visit the class.

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The main reason is that when Jay Chou sang in the past, there was a big surprise at the concert. Jacky Cheung appeared as a guest and sang "Kiss Goodbye". Jay Chou played the piano and sang "Kiss Goodbye" together with the song god. talk.

Another tour was also held at Jay Chou's concert. Jacky Cheung sang "Listen to Mom" ​​in the film, and the fans were crazy. So today Jay Chou posted a photo of him and Jacky Cheung. "Listen to Mom".

Jay Chou also said: "It's really a surprise that the song god came to visit the class, thank you brother Xueyou for your support, I will sing well."

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When he was on the same stage with Jacky Cheung in the past, Jay Chou said that he liked Jacky Cheung’s songs very much when he was a student, because he only started writing pop songs. A few years ago, due to the epidemic, Jay Chou did not go to Hong Kong to sing for a long time. Metaphor.

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