The Samsung A14 is the only low-end mobile phone in the top 10.

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The warning signs of the downturn are still there. In the first quarter of 2023, the sales results of the physical channel in Taiwan's mobile phone market have been released, and the overall sales have fallen again!

According to the statistical report of the market research agency, the sales volume of Taiwan's mobile phone market in the first quarter was about 1.183 million units, a decrease of 7% from the 1.272 million units in the same period last year, reflecting the continued downturn in the market.

In the top 20 best-selling list in the first quarter, Apple’s new and old iPhone models dominated the list with 9 seats, and the best-selling champions and runners-up in Taiwan were still iPhone 14 Pro (256GB) and iPhone 14 Pro Max (256GB).

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In 2021, the iPhone 13 (128GB) is still No. 6 on the best-selling list, and sales have not seen any weakness. It seems that before the launch of the iPhone 15 series, there is still a chance to stay on the best-selling list.

It is worth noting that the 128GB and 256GB iPhone 14 Plus, which has not been favored since its launch, ranked 11th and 14th on the list respectively, which shows that there is still demand for large-screen iPhones.


As for the Android phones purchased by the most people in Taiwan in the first quarter, which ones are they?

Looking at the list, Samsung occupies 6 seats on the list, and the A53 (8GB/256GB) is even more popular than the iPhone 14 (128GB), becoming the best-selling Android phone and ranking third on the list.

Samsung's newly launched A14 has also made great contributions, rushing to No. 7. It is the only low-end mobile phone in the top 10. It ranks higher than the No. 8 iPhone 14 (256GB). The current 4GB4+64GB access price does not cost 5,000 yuan ; The new flagship S23 Ultra (12GB/256GB) entered the best-selling list when it went on sale that month, ranking 16th.

The sales in the first quarter also showed that the market share of Chinese brands continued to decline. OPPO, which performed better, won 4 seats, such as the entry-level phones A57 and A77, ranking 12th and 19th, and the mid-range Reno 8 with two specifications of 8GB/256GB and 12GB/256GB, ranked 15th and 17th respectively.

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