Bollywood style fight between bride and groom

New Delhi:

Wedding is such an occasion which everyone wants to make special.

These days a lot of inspiration is taken from Bollywood to make the wedding special.

Event management companies are used to make every ceremony special, from drones to weddings.

From dance to food, everything is special and theme based.

But many times such things happen on the occasion of marriage, due to which the situation gets out of control.

These situations are such that they are not pre-decided and they are completely unpredictable.

Something similar can also be seen in the viral video of this wedding.

It can be seen in this wedding video that something happens during Varmala that the bride and groom become known enemies of each other and break down to kill each other.

They beat each other fiercely.

They go around slapping each other.

This fight becomes so fierce that even the groom's face falls.

But he does not desist from fighting.

Not only this, the bride is also no less and she gives a befitting reply to the groom by slapping her.

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While the bride and groom are fighting with each other, the cries of relatives can be heard.

But the interesting thing is that the bride and groom do not mind this and they keep on beating each other with full focus.

Funny comments are also coming on this video.

Some are calling it fake and some have written that 36 of 36 are found.