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The beautiful model Dilyana Popova once again proved why they put her at the top of the sex appeal charts.

The ex-partner of Asen Blatechki went half-naked on social networks and robbed everyone of their femininity. 

The native beauty is on yet another exotic vacation and hastened to release a shot on the web in which she is dressed in a rather cut-out swimsuit, which does not cover almost anything of her nice naked flesh.

"Gentle, natural and very beautiful," wrote her admirers under the hot shot.

Others joke with her that she has become a real "bun".

There are also comments about the age of the model, who puts in her small pocket the youngest colleagues in the industry. 

It became clear who Dilyana Popova's new lover is

Dilyana Popova is considered the most beautiful and desirable Bulgarian woman.

Until recently, she had a secret and forbidden love affair with Asen Blatechki, who was married at the beginning of their relationship.

Then he bore her a child and they lived together, but for a short time.

At the moment, she has a new person by her side, who pleases her enough to tame herself and feel happy, writes

Dilyana Popova