[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] Gino made two films in succession. He just wrapped up "A Family Reunion" and then "Heavenly Way". He attended the premiere of Sanli's "Heavenly Way" today. He played the role of a veterinarian in "The Way of Heaven", and the role attracted him very much.

He said that when he was filming, he walked 6 big dogs with a combined weight of more than 100 kilograms at a time, and tied the dog leash around his waist. He looked handsome. Unexpectedly, the director just called out, and the 6 dogs rushed towards their respective owners. , caught him off guard, almost dodged to the waist, and said, "It's like five horses dismembering a corpse."

Premiere of "The Way of Heaven" on Sanli TV; GINO (from left), Wang Zhenfu, Chen Peiqi, Xie Chengjun, Miao Keli, Jiang Guobin.

(Photographed by reporter Chen Yiquan)

In addition, Wang Zhenfu participated in the Sanli drama performance for the first time. He admitted that he was very nervous and very excited. The shooting environment made him feel very safe.

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Premiere of Sanli TV's "The Way of Heaven"; Wang Zhenfu (from left), Chen Peiqi, Xie Chengjun.

(Photographed by reporter Chen Yiquan)

The two played husband and wife, and now there are two sex scenes. Fortunately, Chen Peiqi has rich experience in sex scenes, and he also thinks that Wang Zhenfu is a gentleman, so he simply said to him, "Come directly, touch wherever you want."

Wang Zhenfu said that his character in the play, because his father puts a lot of pressure on him, he relied on racing to relieve the pressure. Chen Peiqi smiled and said: "I thought it was me who relieved you!"

And Wang Zhenfu also broke the news that there was a scene where his mother Miao Keli comforted him and patted his hand, "In the end, I locked hands with Miao Keli, and Xie Chengjun laughed and said that it was like having an affair."

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