The Chiayi City Health Bureau strengthened inspections of handwashing facilities in kindergartens, guided correct disinfection methods, and promoted frequent handwashing.

(Provided by Chiayi City Health Bureau)

[Reporter Wang Shanyan/Report from Chiayi] Masks are unsealed, and the enterovirus epidemic is heating up. Chiayi City Councilor Zheng Guanghong said at a regular meeting of the city council today that according to the information from the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Chiayi City Health Bureau, Chiayi City was infected with coronavirus from January to April 30. The number of classes closed for enterovirus campus clusters, 15 classes and 42 people in childcare centers and kindergartens were suspended. Among them, a 4-year-old girl was notified of a severe case of enterovirus infection from January 8 to 12, and the next 5 or 6 The peak period of enterovirus may be reached in January. I hope the Municipal Health Bureau and the Education Department will pay more attention to strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of relevant areas, and promote frequent hand washing by teachers and students, and keep the classroom environment ventilated.

Zheng Guanghong said that in the past three years of the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan, children have worn masks and washed their hands frequently, and the incidence of enterovirus infection has decreased, but this year the epidemic has eased, the mask policy has been lifted, and the social distance between people has shortened, and the enterovirus epidemic has risen rapidly , I hope the Health Bureau and the Education Department can pay more attention and respond.

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Municipal Health Director Liao Yuwei said in his work report and answering questions today that in 2022, the number of outpatient and emergency visits due to enterovirus in Chiayi City will be less than 10 per week, and about 100 to 130 per week since April, which has grown a lot; in order to prevent enterovirus infection Severe illness occurred. For cases reported by hospitals and schools, 54 person-times of telephone health education were conducted, and 7 rounds of publicity and publicity of enterovirus prevention and control in communities and schools were conducted, with a total of 475 person-times. The mayor's "letter to parents" reminded parents of school children to implement Prevention and control measures, such as sending the contact book with the kindergarten. In addition, the health bureau personnel sent personnel to elementary schools and kindergartens to check the hand washing equipment, cleaning status and correct disinfection methods. The medical institutions have also asked the clinics to strengthen the notification.

Lin Lisheng, director of the Municipal Education Department, said that on April 19 and 25, the joint inspection with the health unit on enterovirus prevention and control found that the school complied with the relevant regulations; the season of enterovirus outbreaks is in summer, and the letter reminded all schools again to implement epidemic prevention and notification , if you need to borrow a bleach concentration tester to assist in the measurement or ask for hand washing stickers, you can also contact the Education Office.

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